Age: N/A
Location: N/A
Member since: 2011
Embarrassing story:
You poor miserable bastard, you have a sexual dysfunction. And the worst part 
is when you finally get laid your asshole one night stand is going to tell 
everyone! Or will they? Thanks to the Ultra Pleasure Mask you can have all the 
sex you want without your partner ever finding out who you are! Enjoy the 
sensuality of anonymity with the Ultra Pleasure Mask!! Click here and find out 

FLACCID PENIS SEEKS VAGINAL DRYNESS is a forum for anyone who identifies as 
sexually dysfunctional, whether it be physical, psychological or social. All 
users are asked to provide their age, location and an embarrassing story to 
keep them honest. 

Do you have your own embarrassing story? Tell us about it! The best story 
wins a free ticket!


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