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“Much like how comedy has been a venue to expose and confront racism in the past, Flaccid Penis Seeks Vaginal Dryness succeeds with a similar approach to the politics of sexuality.  It’s definitely a play that anyone of the Facebook generation will connect with.” – Chris McKittrick, DailyActor. Read the full review!

“If you’re easily offended, go anyways and get over yourself. This is an enjoyable night at the theater, and it’s conceptually interesting and topical.” – Joe Kurtz, NYTheatre.com. Read the full review!!

“The environment of the internet is cleverly and actively portrayed. You will have a great experience and you will come out with a lot of good questions.”Sarah Valeri, Keep Your Eyes Peeled. Read the full review!

Meeting someone doesn’t have to be hard.

In a world of hundreds of fake friends, where can you go for a real connection? A website for people with sexual dysfunctions of course! When Dan, a lonely virgin, stumbles upon FPSVD he gets a crash course in penis pumps, maternal nymphomania, semen allergies and much more. But will this collection of hilarious, shocking and heartfelt confessions  prove any better the rest of the BS online?

Making its world premiere at the 2011 New York International Fringe Festival, Flaccid Penis Seeks Vaginal Dryness is a comic and frightening commentary on how we interact in the 21st century. Taking place entirely in cyberspace you’ve never seen anything like it.

Featuring  Kara Addington, Sloan Bradford, Anna Drezen, Pat Dwyer*, Lori Gardner*, Dana Hunter,  Richard McDonald, Lori McNally*, Kevin Melendez*, Okierete Onaodowan*, Wes Seals*, Sarah Simmons and John Wu*

Directed by Rebecca A. Hengstenberg
Written by Mike Poblete


Please send any questions of comments to Mike at flaccidplay@gmail.com

Sloan Bradford, John Wu and Anna Drezen

Sarah Simmons and Wes Seals

Anna Drezen, Okierete Onaodowan and Lori Gardner

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